Why the iPhone is still the king

I’ve always been very openly against Apple, partly because their products tend be unintelligibly over priced, and partly because there are no fanboys anywhere near as annoying as the typical Apple fanboy. They just will not accept the slightest bad word against anything Apple do.

So how is I now own (and love) an iPhone? I do my best to always keep an open mind, and having tried a fair few of the smart phones available at the moment, I simply found it to be the best. Fear not though, as this post isn’t going to be another review of the iPhone with its tongue firmly lodged in Steve Job’s sphincter, instead I’m going to attempt to address why (at least in my opinion) the iPhone is the best.

It’s by no means perfect

Firstly, allow me to address the things that are wrong with the iPhone:

  1. It’s so damn pretty! That may sound like a compliment, but trust me, it’s not. The phone, and everything about it tries too hard to be sleek and stylish. Even the power plug and USB cable are beautiful, if the iPhone was a person, it would spend all its time in gyms/beauty salons and own a really flash car, all to compensate for low self-esteem and a small penis. That’s right, the iPhone is insecure about it’s manhood.
  2. There’s no freaking buttons. Well, ok, there’s a couple of buttons, but it’s the lack of alphanumeric buttons that bothers me, only having the touchscreen means texting without looking is about as possible keeping the damn thing free from greasy fingerprint smears. Although, I have to admit, the touchscreen typing does work a lot better than I expected.
  3. You HAVE to have iTunes in order to turn the damn thing on for the first time.
  4. The app store validation process is pants-on-head retarded.
  5. Alarms don’t work if you turn the phone off

So why is it the best?

Simple, the iPhone is the best because all the other smart phones are trying to be “the next iPhone” by straight up copying it. It’s the same reason Google is the best search engine, they did something a bit different, and all the competition are just imitating and trying to play catch-up.

The market is now flooded with iPhone look-a-likes with their fully touchscreen interface, and ever-so-familiar menu systems. They’re all trying to beat the iPhone by being the iPhone, surely I’m not the only one who can see that isn’t going to work. The problem is all these other phones are missing vital things like multi-touch, tilt and position sensors, and a good selection of easy to find applications.

These are things that really make the iPhone good, the multi-touch screen is a thing of beauty, which coupled with a motion/position sensor to rival the Nintendo Wii, makes for amazingly intuitive interaction, not to mention endless possibilities for us developers. With out these things the iPhone would just be a mediocre phone with an annoying lack of real buttons, which is exactly what all the competing phones are.

But maybe not for long.

An honourable mention should go to Google, and their android platform. In true Google fashion they’re not trying to be anyone or anything, so if anything is going to knock the iPhone off its throne, an android phone will be the one to do it. I think the only reason it hasn’t done so already is the hardware, Google don’t currently make phones, they just make the software that runs on other companies phones. Currently the only phones available running android are HTC’s G1 and G2, and I wasn’t overly impressed with either of them. If HTC can come up with the killer hardware to match Google’s software, or if Google started making their own phones, I think the iPhone might finally have a serious contender. Until then, I’ll keep constantly cleaning the finger prints off my insecure new toy.

- MB

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  1. also now check out the HTC Hero/Magic (essentially the same phone bar the camera and physical shape of the casing) altho the software is fubar and the bluetooth straight out doesnt work.. but other than that, very impressive, and yes, you can get a lightsaber app for it, and yes, its free

    Comment by shaun on 18th October 2009 at 9:32 pm

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