Twitter Lists – Why Me?

Today when I logged into my twitter account I was greeted with the following message about twitter’s new feature, twitter lists:

Twitter lists

Twitter Lists

I would quite like to know why I’m part of this ‘small group’ trying twitter lists, you’d have thought twitter’s latest feature would be tried on the power users, but it would seem it’s completely random, as I don’t really do much with my twitter account. The only other reason I can think of that I’m testing twitter lists is that I have a background in website development.

Twitter lists allow you to group twitter users, and view all their tweets in one combined timeline. You don’t even have to be following the people in the list to add them to it. A good example of a twitter list is twitter’s own staff list. You can even follow a list, but doing so wont increase your follower count, and the tweets of the list’s members won’t be included in your feed. This is great news for people like me who want keep their main feed clean and uncluttered, or for anyone who wants to keep a good follower to following ratio.

Anyway, as I was unsure of what to do with my new found twitter list power, I decided to make a list of Radio 1 DJ’s, which you can see here, although as I only listen to the radio when I’m working, I will have undoubtedly missed a fair few, so please feel free to point out any DJ’s missing from the list and I’ll add them.

I do have to admit though, these twitter lists seem like a good idea, and it’s the kind of thing that might cause me to change from being a casual twitter user to a full-blown, tweet-about-every-bowel-movement, addicted power user.


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