Idea Dump 2011

I’m constantly thinking of ideas, and I find myself wanting to develop all of them. Unfortunately I’m just one incredibly handsome man, and all my time is spent on BugMuncher.

It’s starting to feel like these ideas are weighing me down, I find myself dividing my thoughts between all of them, and I want out.

So I’m going to put these ideas here, for all to see, in the hope that it offloads them from by brain. If you like any of these ideas please feel free to take them and develop them. All I ask is that you let me know, as I’d love to see how it turns out.

The ideas:

Freelance job aggregator

There is definitely a need for a site like eLance, but with out all the shit ones like “I need you to clone facebook in one week for $200″.

My idea to solve this is to have a site that gets all it’s listing from existing freelance job sites, but listings are ranked by click through. The theory behind this is you can usually tell if the job posting is worth while by the title, budget and deadline, so if lots of users are clicking through for more info, it’s probably a good listing.

User’s would also be able to up vote and down vote listings, based on their quality, similar to Hacker News.


Affiliate system as a service

I’ll admit I haven’t looked too deep into this one, so it could already exist. The idea is to set up a web service that allows people to add an affiliate system to their own business, without any installation and minimal set up. This is probably easiest to explain by example, for this example, the affilate system as a service will be called ‘’, the site using it will be ‘’, and the affiliate is ‘Matt Bearman’. Imaginative, huh?

  1. sets up an account on
  2. uses’s API to create an affiliate account for Matt Bearman
  3. Matt Bearman receives an affilate link in the format where 12345 is the Matt Bearman’s affiliate ID
  4. When a user clicks that link, they’re are given a unique cookie, and then sent through to
  5. If the user then complete’s a purchase, an embedded JavaScript/iFrame on the order complete page calls back to, which tracks the affilate sale

Obviously there’s a lot more too it than that, but it’s definitely something I’d use.


What will you do tomorrow?

This idea came from reading about iDoneThis – Every evening you’d be sent an email asking what you need/want to do the next day. You reply to that email with your to do list. The next morning your todo list is emailed to you.

Why? Well I constantly read that at the end of a working day you should write your to do list for the next day. Thing is I always forget, by the end of the day I just switch off. This would not only prompt you to write your to do list, it would also remind you about it the next morning.

The only minor complications to consider are user’s time zones, and allow them to specify what times the emails are sent. It’s a really simple idea, and definitely one that I’ll be developing at some point if no one else does.


Online YUI Compress API

I love the YUI compressor/obsfruscator for CSS and JavaScript, but I hate having to go to every time I want to compress something, and I’m too lazy install YUI on my own machine. I’d love a really simple API endpoint for the YUI compressor that could be built into my own build/deploy scripts.


Time Capsule

Much like the physical counter part. This would be a site where you create a ‘time capsule’, in to which you can upload documents, images and videos. Once complete the time capsule would be closed, and its contents would not be visible by anyone until a certain amount of time has passed. People could be nominated to be emailed once the capsule could be opened.


Facebook automatic birthday wisher

This would be a simple facebook app that wishes your friends a happy birthday automatically when the day arrives. You’d be able to choose the message they get sent, and exclude your close friends, so that you can personally write to them.


Logn – a social network for under 30′s

OK this one’s not entirely serious, but I know there are a lot of people that would like a Facebook without the parents. My solution comes from the film Logan’s Run: No one over 30 is allowed to create/keep their profile. If you do build this, please do it quick, I’ve only got a few years left!


Well that’s it for now, I finally can stop thinking about these and focus on BugMuncher. Feels good man.

- MB

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