All you need to know about Steve Jobs’ influence

I woke up this morning, and went through my usual routine: grab my iPhone and check the time, (7:15am, awesome). Then it’s over to facebook, to see if anything noteworthy has happened overnight.

The first thing that grabs my attention is that two of my friends status’ are “R.I.P Steve Jobs”. My immediate reaction is “it’s a hoax”, after all, the internet seems to love pretending people are dead, so I fire up Safari to verify the news.

I go straight to Hacker News, which is normally the third stop on my morning routine anyway. If Steve really has passed, Hacker News will certainly have some stories about it.

I didn’t expect this:


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Wow, people still come here?

So, it’s come to my attention that all though I’ve pretty much abandoned this corner of the web, people are still visiting, around 50 a day. Admittedly that’s a paltry amount in the grand scheme of things, but considering I haven’t even visited here in a good few months, I’m rather surprised.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything worth wile to offer right now, so here’s a crude drawing of Futurama’s Bender, illustrated by myself in none other than Microsoft Paint: (more…)

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If you can’t beat them, join them.

Well, it happened, I finally turned 25. I genuinely thought it would never happen to me, a little naive, I know. I figured I’d just stay 21 forever, maybe 22 on a bad day. Turns out time waits for no man, not even me.

Anyway, it was a combination of reaching this milestone in life, and just generally getting fed up with the stress of running a business, that led me to a life changing decision (I’ve always wanted to have one of those). (more…)

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