Facebook’s new privacy settings – All or nothing

Facebook in their infinite wisdom have decided to change the way in which your information is stored and shared, as a part of their ‘Open Graph’ initiative. Previously when you edited your profile information there were a number of text boxes with headings like ‘Activities’, ‘Interests’, etc. In these text boxes users would type a list things they felt were relevent, and these things would be displayed on your profile for your friends to see, much like this: (more…)

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Why the iPhone is still the king

I’ve always been very openly against Apple, partly because their products tend be unintelligibly over priced, and partly because there are no fanboys anywhere near as annoying as the typical Apple fanboy. They just will not accept the slightest bad word against anything Apple do.

So how is I now own (and love) an iPhone? I do my best to always keep an open mind, and having tried a fair few of the smart phones available at the moment, I simply found it to be the best. Fear not though, as this post isn’t going to be another review of the iPhone with its tongue firmly lodged in Steve Job’s sphincter, instead I’m going to attempt to address why (at least in my opinion) the iPhone is the best. (more…)

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Phising with texts – I may be entitled to 3750 pounds!

I just received an unsolicited text from an unknown number saying:

FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP


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Website Design – You’re doing it wrong

I think all website designers like to think they know what’s good and bad in a design, yet if you get a bunch of us together we’ll disagree on a lot of things, after all design is very subjective. (more…)

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UK Motorcycle Licence Law – 33 bhp (25 kW) Restriction

In February 2009 I passed my motorbike test (first time with two minors, thank you very much), and now I’m on a two year restricted licence.  If you are unfamiliar with motorcycle licensing law in the UK, I envy you, it’s a complete shambles of unintelligible nonsense, but I’ll do my best to explain:


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