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I’m currently working on a little project using the twitter api, and part of it involves an object for tweets. Each instance of the tweet object has properties for ID, screen name of the author, the tweet text, time stamp, author’s profile picture, and the tweet it was posted in reply to. (more…)

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If you can’t beat them, join them.

Well, it happened, I finally turned 25. I genuinely thought it would never happen to me, a little naive, I know. I figured I’d just stay 21 forever, maybe 22 on a bad day. Turns out time waits for no man, not even me.

Anyway, it was a combination of reaching this milestone in life, and just generally getting fed up with the stress of running a business, that led me to a life changing decision (I’ve always wanted to have one of those). (more…)

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How to install Zend framework with XAMPP

I, like most web developers, use the excellent XAMPP to develop and test PHP/MySQL websites and applications on my local machine. The problem is the XAMPP doesn’t come with the Zend framework installed by default.

If you want to develop with Zend, you could always use Zend Server CE instead of XAMPP, as Zend Server comes with the Zend framework installed. The downside to that is that the Zend server is not as simple to set up and use as XAMPP, and if you’ve already been using XAMPP, migrating to Zend server can be a real pain in the ass, and you can’t run both XAMPP and Zend server together.

If you google installing Zend in XAMPP, there are many different guides, all of which seem overly complicated. Installing the zend framework under XAMPP is actually a lot simpler than most guides online would suggest, and using the following guide you should be able to run Zend Apps in your existing XAMPP environment in a matter of minutes. (more…)

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Facebook’s new privacy settings – All or nothing

Facebook in their infinite wisdom have decided to change the way in which your information is stored and shared, as a part of their ‘Open Graph’ initiative. Previously when you edited your profile information there were a number of text boxes with headings like ‘Activities’, ‘Interests’, etc. In these text boxes users would type a list things they felt were relevent, and these things would be displayed on your profile for your friends to see, much like this: (more…)

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Apple iTunes is playing dirty with the Christmas Number One

Finally, a battle for the Christmas number one, Rage Against the Machine vs. X Factor’s latest robot (AKA: Joe McEldry). The best part is, so far Rage Against the Machine seem to be winning, just look at these download charts: (more…)

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X Factor Ruined Christmas

As anyone who’s known me for more than a year can tell you; every year around December I say “next year I’ll write a Christmas song.” Well this year I actually did it:


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Can you bribe a CBT instructor?

So, “can you bribe a CBT instructor?” Why am I asking? Because someone reached this website by sticking that very phrase into Google, this scares me, I mean REALLY scares me. Firstly, in answer to the original question: (more…)

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Twitter Lists – Why Me?

Today when I logged into my twitter account I was greeted with the following message about twitter’s new feature, twitter lists:

Twitter lists

Twitter Lists


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Why the iPhone is still the king

I’ve always been very openly against Apple, partly because their products tend be unintelligibly over priced, and partly because there are no fanboys anywhere near as annoying as the typical Apple fanboy. They just will not accept the slightest bad word against anything Apple do.

So how is I now own (and love) an iPhone? I do my best to always keep an open mind, and having tried a fair few of the smart phones available at the moment, I simply found it to be the best. Fear not though, as this post isn’t going to be another review of the iPhone with its tongue firmly lodged in Steve Job’s sphincter, instead I’m going to attempt to address why (at least in my opinion) the iPhone is the best. (more…)

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Phising with texts – I may be entitled to 3750 pounds!

I just received an unsolicited text from an unknown number saying:

FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP


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