All you need to know about Steve Jobs’ influence

I woke up this morning, and went through my usual routine: grab my iPhone and check the time, (7:15am, awesome). Then it’s over to facebook, to see if anything noteworthy has happened overnight.

The first thing that grabs my attention is that two of my friends status’ are “R.I.P Steve Jobs”. My immediate reaction is “it’s a hoax”, after all, the internet seems to love pretending people are dead, so I fire up Safari to verify the news.

I go straight to Hacker News, which is normally the third stop on my morning routine anyway. If Steve really has passed, Hacker News will certainly have some stories about it.

I didn’t expect this:


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Why the iPhone is still the king

I’ve always been very openly against Apple, partly because their products tend be unintelligibly over priced, and partly because there are no fanboys anywhere near as annoying as the typical Apple fanboy. They just will not accept the slightest bad word against anything Apple do.

So how is I now own (and love) an iPhone? I do my best to always keep an open mind, and having tried a fair few of the smart phones available at the moment, I simply found it to be the best. Fear not though, as this post isn’t going to be another review of the iPhone with its tongue firmly lodged in Steve Job’s sphincter, instead I’m going to attempt to address why (at least in my opinion) the iPhone is the best. (more…)

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