Changing form Apache to NGINX – Part 1

I’m currently in the process of switching my webserver from Apache with mod_php to the much faster NGINX with PHP-FPM, as I’m finding BugMuncher is running out of memory on the old apache set up.

I’ve been using Apache on webservers for as long as I can remember, so switching to NGINX has been a bit odd so far, especially understanding requests. So I’ve decided to write a series of posts documenting the lessons I learn, partly so I can refer to them, but also for anyone else making the switch to NGINX.


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Idea Dump 2011

I’m constantly thinking of ideas, and I find myself wanting to develop all of them. Unfortunately I’m just one incredibly handsome man, and all my time is spent on BugMuncher.

It’s starting to feel like these ideas are weighing me down, I find myself dividing my thoughts between all of them, and I want out.

So I’m going to put these ideas here, for all to see, in the hope that it offloads them from by brain. If you like any of these ideas please feel free to take them and develop them. All I ask is that you let me know, as I’d love to see how it turns out. (more…)

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BugMuncher – The website feedback tool with the silly name

So I’ve just launched a new project, the BugMuncher feedback tab widget, and it’s (as far as I know) the only visual feedback tool for websites.

If you want to know what it does, you don’t even have to go to the site, as I’ve installed it on this very website, simply click the ‘feedback’ button at the bottom left of any page on this site, and you can see BugMuncher in action.

I’d love to hear what you think, either in the comments or by using BugMuncher, after all, that is what it’s there for.

– MB

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